Georgia O’Keeffe – A Life Well Lived

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Georgia O’Keeffe remains an icon, continuing to inspire generations to break barriers and embrace the natural world in both art and life. Featuring sixty-four lush, full-color photographs, this stunning new work captures O’Keeffe as she neared her ninetieth birthday, showcasing her homes and companions at Ghost Ranch and Abiquiú and the landscapes that inspired her. While O’Keeffe and her environs have been the subject of many photographers’ work, only Varon was specifically chosen by O’Keeffe to photograph her work in color.

This book is the first collection of photographs to portray O’Keeffe and her surroundings in color. Varon includes an insightful reflection on his experiences with O’Keeffe in which he brings the photographs to life in an intimate way. Cody Hartley, the director of the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum, and Barbara Buhler Lynes, the foremost O’Keeffe scholar, provide further context to Varon’s photographs.

Malcolm Varon has photographed on location across three continents in museums, collectors’ homes, art galleries, and artists’ studios. His photographs of O’Keeffe as well as his photographs of paintings and sculptures have been featured in over 175 books.

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