Abiquiu Morning Tea

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”Once, while touring the O’Keeffe home in Abiquiu, New Mexico, I spied two Mason jars on her pantry wall. One had been hand labelled by O’Keeffe as ‘Tea.’ Next to it was a jar with a lapel that read ‘Good Tea.’ I laughed. This is moment of enlightenment all students of tea eventually discover along their tea journey. We become aware that there is tea and good tea, art and good art, food and good food, and life and good life.”

– Bruce Richardson, excerpt from The Book of Tea

Inspired by the Good Tea in O’Keeffe’s pantry we set out to create three custom blends drawing from her own unique sensibilities. Here, our Abiquiu Morning blend offers up a hearty mix of black teas from China, Africa and India, reminiscent of the very Good Tea O’Keeffe drank. A great way to start your day!

Purchased as a collection or paired with The Book of Tea or any of our tea accessories, it makes for a great gift for tea lovers.

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