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Second Gear: Mobile Artist in Residence Program Announces New Participants

July 2, 2024

After a successful inaugural year, the Mobile Artist in Residence Program at the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum is gearing up for a second year. Created in partnership with the Museum’s Art to G.O. Truck and Axle Contemporary, the Mobile Artist in Residence Program harnesses the mobility of the Art to G.O. truck to support an artist’s creative practice and engage with diverse communities. The program is aimed to foster creativity, meaningful connections, and cultural conversations.

The 2024–2025 Mobile Artists in Residence have been selected and the two Santa Fe artists are preparing for the road ahead.

Animkeewa White Eagle

Animkeewa White Eagle is a student and multi-disciplinary artist living in Santa Fe. He is enrolled in the Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians and is also of Kiowa descent. He won the youth Art of Technology Award at Santa Fe Indian Market in 2018 and won Best of Show at the Heard Museum Student Art Show in 2019. He is a fourth-year college student, currently enrolled at the Institute of American Indian Arts. He is studying fine arts with a focus in digital art.

Jamison Chās Banks

Jamison Chās Banks is a multi-disciplinary artist who creates films, paintings, performances, and installations. A dual citizen of the Seneca-Cayuga Tribe and the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma, his work often explores the history of war and territorial expansion, both literal and psychological. Banks often reimagines symbols or characters of popular culture in contexts that challenge their original meanings. Banks has been exhibiting work for more than a decade and holds an AFA and BFA from the Institute of American Indian Arts, where he also taught for 12 years. 

White Eagle and Banks follow in the successful footsteps of Brian Fleetwood (Muscogee Creek), the Museum’s first Mobile Artist in Residence. You can learn more about his exhibition Place/Holding on our website.

For their project, titled Species Pending, Banks and White Eagle will reimagine the historical narrative based on the shuvosaurid or proto-dinosaur Effigia okeeffeae, whose name is a tribute to Georgia O’Keeffe. This animal lived on the ancient continent of Pangea during the late Triassic period and its holotype fossils were found in blocks collected in the 1940s at Ghost Ranch, where O’Keeffe lived and owned a home. Through an Indigenous lens of rewriting or “re-righting” history, the duo will steer the narrative about this fossil toward a more Indigenous perspective. Using imagery, sculpture, and installation that is reminiscent of archived historical photographs and items, Banks and White Eagle reinterpret how this fossil and animal is presented.

Photograph of two people standing side by side. The person on the left is shorter and wears glasses and a light button-up shirt. The person on the right is older and wear an orange shirt. Both look straight at the camera. Behind them are green trees
Mobile Artists in Residence Animkeewa White Eagle (left) and Jamison Chās Banks (right)

The Mobile Artists in Residence will make an appearance at the Museum’s October First Friday event on October 4 from 5–7 PM. The two will be on hand to discuss their project and inspiration with visitors along with the Reptile and Bug Museum of Santa Fe. More information about the Mobile Artist in Residence program can be found here while information about First Friday at the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum can be found here. Species Pending will conclude with an exhibition hosted by Axle Contemporary and the Museum in spring 2025.

About Axle Contemporary: Axle Contemporary is a pioneering mobile art platform that plays a pivotal role in the innovative collaboration with the Mobile Artist in Residence project. Housed within a mobile gallery space, Axle Contemporary has redefined the traditional concept of art exhibitions. In this collaboration, Axle Contemporary serves as both a dynamic exhibition space and a catalyst for community engagement. Their expertise in mobile art installations and exhibitions amplifies the impact of the project, allowing it to reach diverse audiences across different locations.