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Second Sunday: Free for NM Residents

  • Sunday, December 10
  • 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM MT
  • Santa Fe, NM

Free admission for NM residents all day on the Second Sunday of every month!

Enjoy free admission for New Mexico residents all day! Proof of NM residency is required at admission.

Explore the galleries for a journey through O’Keeffe’s early work as a student and teacher, groundbreaking paintings from her time living on the East Coast and her artistic revelations from her time in New Mexico.

Join creative art-making activities for the whole family at Family Fun Day.

Learn about the Museum’s free and discounted admission opportunities here.

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Photograph of an interior courtyard with a dark door on the right and square opening on the left with beams above. In the courtyard is the top of a circular well and a small trees. The entire space is covered in white snow.

Past Event Family Fun Day

Family Fun Day: Snow Place Like Home

217 Johnson Street, Santa Fe, NM

Sunday, December 10


The painting features an abstract composition of squiggly lines radiating out from the bottom left hand order of the charcoal painting.

Event Classes

Online Class: Charcoal Abstractions–Landscapes of the Mind


Monday, December 11


Spiraling grey-white tones flowing outward from the center, as if looking into a rose from an aerial view. Subject not readily identifiable as a rose as the "petals" are distinguished by tonal variations of dark black/grey blending into light grey/white.

Event Classes

Online Class: Intuitive Floral Abstractions in Watercolor


Wednesday, December 13