Online Class: Floral Forms in Oil Pastel

  • Wednesday, November 29
  • 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM MT
  • Online

Space is limited, registration required. Please email [email protected] or call 505.946.1000 for assistance with event registration.

Embrace a new artistic journey in, “Exploring Floral Forms with Oil Pastels,” where you’ll dive into the world of vibrant expression inspired by Georgia O’Keeffe’s abstracted nature-inspired compositions. Learn to master oil pastel techniques such as color mixing, blending, layering, and mark-making, while drawing inspiration from O’Keeffe’s close-up floral studies and landscape abstractions. Experiment with techniques to transform oil pastels from dry media to wet, in order to create painterly effects. Suitable for all skill levels, this workshop provides the opportunity to experiment with new media, refine your artistic voice, and bring new artworks to life through the versatile medium of oil pastels. 

This class is suitable for youth ages 12 and up. Children are welcome to participate alongside their adults.

Space is limited, reservations required.

This program will take place via the video conferencing app – ZOOM. Details for accessing the Zoom meeting will be with your receipt upon registering and again sent via email the day prior. Please register in advance in order to access the program. Note that all program times are in Mountain Time.

Online classes are not recorded. Online classes are offered only as a live and interactive experience.

Supplies needed for this class: 

  • Oil Pastels – (recommended beginner brands: Pentel (best value for start); Arrtx; and Holbein. (Instructor will use Pentel) 
  • Paper  (mixed media, watercolor, or oil paper)
  • Baby oil*, linseed oil, or Gamsol (or other oil paint solvent) 
  • Paintbrush (for acrylic or oil)
  • Tissues or Paper-towel 
  • Recommended
  • Palette knife
  • Blending stump or colored pencils 

*(Baby oil is sufficient for easy experimentation in this class. However, linseed oil and Gamsol are proper art supplies and will be included on supply lists for upcoming oil painting workshops).

About the Instructor:

A passionate artist and experienced educator, Morgan Jones has spent the last 9 years developing these crafts. She seeks to explore how art can serve as a medium to move us both individually and communally. Her time teaching in public schools, juvenile detention, and community centers has deepened her belief that art is a fundamental means of knowing, connecting, and transforming. In addition to Fine Arts, Morgan studied Art Education at Texas State University as well as Criminal and Social Justice at the College of the Rockies in BC Canada. Morgan’s professional painting practice focuses on plein-air landscape assemblage and multiple exposure oil paintings that call into question ideas of impermanence, memory and conservation. After spending a year living on the road, developing her art from her mobile travel trailer studio, she has settled in Santa Fe to split her time between teaching and creating.

This class is being offered on a sliding scale:

$10; minimal fee.

$20; covers the cost of the class.

$30; covers the cost of the class, plus a contribution to support educational programs.

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