Art to G.O. at the Santa Fe Teen Center Grand Opening!

  • Saturday, September 23
  • 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM MT
  • 6600 Valentine Way, Santa Fe, NM

Join the Art to G.O. truck for the grand opening of the newly built Santa Fe Teen Center!

Art to G.O. truck will be on-site for the grand opening of the newly built City of Santa Fe Teen Center hosting art-making activities, music, games, and more! 

Bring the whole family for a chance to experience the new City of Santa Fe Teen Center! The teen center is designed to be a welcoming, engaging, and youth-led space where teens can explore new opportunities, implement programs, and develop an interest in personal growth and youth development.

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Green trees are in the bottom half of the paper. Purple and brown toned mountains dominate the background, upper half. A blue and white sky are in the upper quarter above the mountain.

Past Event Classes

Online Class: Watercolor Landscapes with Clouds & Skies


Monday, June 17


Watercolor sketch of houses and landscape. There are two houses, the one that is slightly larger is located closer to the left side of the paper, the smaller house is closer to the right side of the paper. The walls of the houses are purple and the roofs are red. The houses are situated slightly above the center of the paper and the front of the paper is dominated by an expanse of light green which fades to yellow as it gets nearer to the houses. In the background, behind the houses, there are dark blue mountains. There is a strip of sky which is white, tinged with blue around the edges of the paper.

Event Classes

Online Class: Beginning Watercolors


Tuesday, June 18


A person stands outdoors in an arid landscape with a mountain range in the background, painting on an easel. They wear a hat and jacket, and a backpack rests on the ground beside them.

Event Classes

Online Class: Prepare for Plein Air (Part 1)


Wednesday, June 19